2016 Program: "Building On Success"

Keynote Speaker: Julie Coker Graham

Julie Coker Graham, President & CEO of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau was the key note speaker for our 2016 program. Julie shared her story of building personal and professional success. 

The 2016 Women’s History Month Annual Luncheon took place on Thursday March 24th at Independence Blue Cross. The room was electric as 200+ women gathered to participate in the program focused on ‘Building on Success’.


The featured speaker, Julie Coker Graham, President and CEO Julie’s talk was exciting and engaging as she left the audiencewith key learnings from her career growth, ‘Take it in and enjoy the ride’ Coker Graham said.


Julie shared a quote from William Feather reinforcing the message to enjoy the journey. This is an important lesson for the women of the WLF, in today’s busy world where priorities are constantly changingand women are being pulled in many directions as we balance work and life, we should stop to enjoy the journey.


Julie spoke about confidence, and how important it was to her journey. Coker Graham said to ‘be confident enough inyour own abilities to allow others to shine.’ Julie has built a team around her that together has shined as they change the Philadelphia visitor landscape. The audience was asked to provide feedback on enhancing Philadelphia to promote more visitation to the area and encourage local participation in the many exciting events the city has to offer.


Julie left us excited about being part of the Philadelphia landscape and encouraged to advance through your life andcareer without compromising our values.

October 2016 Event: "The Art of Networking"

Panelists: Jackie Linton, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for HR & Talent for the City of Philadelphia and Christine Forester, Founder and Product Strategist at Aalta Yarn

On September 29, 2016 the Programming Committee hosted a breakfast panel discussion on “The Art of Networking” at Deloitte. We had 25 attendees representing 13 member companies who came out to network and learn about building meaningful relationships and developing long‐term relationships.


The panelists shared their personal stories on:

  • How building meaningful relationships have impacted where they are in their career.

  • Tips on how to build and maintain a professional network.

  • Their views on the importance of having an “open network” and how it can attribute to a successful career.

  • The importance of mentoring relationships.