2017 Program: "Build your Brand, Break the Barrier"

Keynote Speaker: Teressa Moore Griffin

The 2017 Women’s History Month Annual Luncheon took place on Thursday March 16th at Independence Blue Cross.   The room was filled with so much energy as 150+ women gathered to participate in the program focused on teaching women how to ‘Build your Brand, Break the Barrier’. 


The featured speaker, Teressa Moore Griffin, CEO & Founder of Spirit of Purpose, shared her story of building personal and professional success. Teressa’s talk was exciting and engaging as she left the audience with key learnings from her own personal upbringing and career growth.  She shared the story behind how she started her company, Spirit of Purpose, and how her own passion of journaling enabled her to continue to grow and increase the impact she could make.  She taught us that following your passions and being true to yourself is the key to success. 


Teressa emphasized the importance of being aware of your own strengths from a variety of perspectives including your own, as well as those with whom you interact with on a daily basis.  She emphasized that if you are aware of your strengths and how others perceive you, then you can always ensure you’re portraying your best self.  Teressa even sent the audience home with a homework activity to help everyone identify their strengths and ensure the women are equipped with the proper tools to build their brands and ultimately help them break the barrier.


Teressa has left us excited and inspired to explore our best self and ensure we are always working towards becoming a better person and creating a lasting impact everywhere we go.

WLF Q3 Event: Negotiation Panel Discussion

October 2017


The Women’s Leadership Forum hosted a professional development event focused on negotiating on Wednesday, October 4th at Deloitte’s Center City office. The room was packed with over 40 women from different companies and generations, and all participants were eager to learn more from the panelists about negotiating in the workplace and beyond.


The panel consisted of three business professionals with diverse backgrounds and different experiences with negotiating. Denise Viola-Monahan, Executive Vice President at PNC Bank, has worked for PNC for over 30 years and explained that negotiating is a game that you must know how to play, how far you can go, and when you need to walk away. Robin Bond, Esquire and founder of Philadelphia law firm Transition Strategies, reminded women to be mindful of how they ask when negotiating, that they must be strategic and confident. Louis Pichini, Managing Director and head of Diversity & Inclusion at Deloitte, was a federal prosecutor twenty-five years and emphasized the importance of knowing who you are dealing with during a negotiation and what impact the conversation will have on both parties.


Event attendees participated throughout the discussion, and asked questions about how to overcome female stereotypes, prepare for a successful discussion, and establish credibility on an ongoing basis. While there were many great takeaways from this event, the following were highlighted as key practices:

  • Be confident in yourself – your knowledge, your skills, and your value

  • Be prepared – know your opponent, your facts, and your limit

  • Silence is strength – don’t feel obligated to fill the space

  • Establish credibility through experience - negotiation happens in your everyday interactions

  • If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it


We would encourage anyone interested in learning more about this topic to check out Robin Bond’s book, "How to Negotiate a Killer Job Offer", available for purchase on Amazon.