2018 Program: "From Inner Critic to Inner Champion"

Keynote Speaker: Cheryl Rice

The 2018 Women’s History Month Annual Luncheon took place on Monday, April 30th at Independence Blue Cross. The room was filled with over 150 women who all gathered to participate in this year's program, which focused on empowering women to manage their Inner Critic and focus on their Inner Champion.

Our keynote speaker, Cheryl Rice, Founder and CEO of Your Voice Your Vision, shared her insights on identifying our inner critic and offered ways to shift that focus to our inner champion instead. Her talk engaged and inspired those in attendance as she provided the audience members with tools and resources to help build their inner champions and increase self-confidence.


Cheryl shared her personal story of identifying her own inner critic and the steps she took to manage and quiet it, as well as steps to embrace and bolster her inner champion. She shared tips and lessons learned with the group to facilitate engagement and inspire strength.

Cheryl passionately communicated the importance of finding strength within ourselves and offered strategies for doing so. She provided key points to encourage self-development after the session concluded, and reminded attendees that she could also serve as a reference and resource to those wishing to continue on their personal journey.

​​The mission of the Women’s Leadership Forum of Greater Philadelphia is to advance the development, growth and sustainability of women’s networks and initiatives in companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia region by sharing their professional insight, supporting other networks, and influencing the companies on diverse issues.​​​​​


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