WLF Board Committees

There are several Committees that comprise the WLF Board—please see below for more information about each Committee. Please contact a Committee member if you're interested in serving on a specific Committee.

Program Committee

Goal: To produce Annual Event and 3 quarterly meetings to address goals and mission of the WLF.



  • Expand the reach of the WLF by increasing awareness of our quarterly meetings, annual event and incorporate various networking opportunities throughout the year, including but not limited to, teaming with the External Affairs Committee.

  • Continue to provide impactful programs and co-sponsor events while growing the WLF and driving engagement of members.

ext affairs.jpg
External Affairs Committee
Membership Committee

Goal: To set a strong foundation for membership to flourish and grow so that WLF can achieve its mission of nurturing women's networks throughout the Philadelphia region.



  • Identify and agree new organizations for recruitment. Review with leadership to determine network connections and establish/execute plan for recruitment.

  • Consider implementation of online collaboration platform that allows member companies exclusive access to WLF content, speakers, and people.​

Marketing & Communications Committee

Goal: To promote the overall Women’s Leadership Forum mission of  “sharing professional insights and supporting networks”



  • Expand Network to include External Organizations.

  • Enable growth of the WLF Philadelphia chapter members.

Goal: To raise awareness of the WLF to members and publicly, and demonstrate consistency of the WLF brand through marketing & communications strategy.



  • Continue to build a proactive communications and marketing strategy using improved brand.

  • Develop and implement MarCom strategy to help raise WLF awareness beyond current membership.

Finance Committee

Goal: To oversee all of the Finance activities of the organization.



  • Help track members: representative and deputy for each organization specifically around billing/invoicing.

  • Provide support for all goals/efforts of the WLF by continuing to ensure that WLF activities and any expansion of the WLF are within the financial parameters of the organization.