We are excited to announce several open positions within the WLF, with more coming available in 2020!

If you know someone who may be interested in serving as a Co-chair on one of our Board Committees or are interested in learning more about a particular role for yourself, please see below for open positions, or download the nomination form & process details for more information:

  • WLF President and Vice President (open in 2020)*

  • WLF Secretary (currently open)*

  • Programming Committee Co-chair (open in 2020)

  • Membership Committee Co-chair (currently open)

  • External Affairs Committee Co-chairs (currently open)

  • Marketing & Communications Committee Co-chair (open in 2020)

*Note: If you are currently on the WLF board or have previously held a WLF board position, please reach out to us for an application for an Executive Board position.

WLF Nominations

​​The mission of the Women’s Leadership Forum of Greater Philadelphia is to advance the development, growth and sustainability of women’s networks and initiatives in companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia region by sharing their professional insight, supporting other networks, and influencing the companies on diverse issues.​​​​​


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