We are excited to announce several open positions within the WLF, with more coming available in 2020!

If you know someone who may be interested in serving as a Co-chair on one of our Board Committees or are interested in learning more about a particular role for yourself, please see below for open positions, or download the nomination form & process details for more information:

  • WLF President and Vice President (open in 2020)*

  • WLF Secretary (currently open)*

  • Programming Committee Co-chair (open in 2020)

  • Membership Committee Co-chair (currently open)

  • External Affairs Committee Co-chairs (currently open)

  • Marketing & Communications Committee Co-chair (open in 2020)

*Note: If you are currently on the WLF board or have previously held a WLF board position, please reach out to us for an application for an Executive Board position.

WLF Nominations