Our Past Programs

  • 2019: “Discovering Your Brand: Self Improvement & Advocacy” - June M. Archer

  • 2018: “From Inner Critic to Inner Champion” - Cheryl Rice

  • 2017: “Build your Brand, Break the Barrier” - Teressa
               Moore Griffin

  • 2016: “Building On Success” - Julie Coker Graham

  • 2015: “Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional
                Intelligence” - Erica Dhawan

  • 2014: “Failure: Own It, Learn and Succeed” - Kathryn C.

  • 2013: Panel Discussion: Image in the Rearview Mirror

  • 2012: Panel Discussion: Leveraging Political Savvy for

  • 2011: “Dare to Be Remarkable: Strategies to Promote 
               Executive Presence” - Roz Usheroff

  • 2010: “Turning Adversity into Opportunity" - April Holmes

  • 2009: Creative Solutions for the Retention and
              Advancement of Talented Women

  • 2008: An Across-Generation Conversation: Promoting
              Women in the Workplace

  • 2007: Creative Solutions for the Retention & Advancement
              of Talented Women

  • 2006: Making the Connection

  • 2005/2004: Women Making History: Role Models of Today

​​The mission of the Women’s Leadership Forum of Greater Philadelphia is to advance the development, growth and sustainability of women’s networks and initiatives in companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia region by sharing their professional insight, supporting other networks, and influencing the companies on diverse issues.​​​​​


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