Resources to Get Through 2020

If you are reading this right now, you already know that 2020 has been a year. Any of those New Year’s Resolutions we made in January didn’t have a chance of knowing what was next, but we’re still carrying on with our day-to-day activities and personal growth as we continue through the summer and into the Fall. Below are some of the resources provided by our members helping us get through the year.

Our days look much different now, but we’re still continuing to live our best lives by:

  • Staying connected with family and friends for additional support, especially when socially distanced alone. Celebrating what this time is creating for ourselves and our loved ones helps as well – the silver linings can be found if you look hard enough!

  • Adding structure to our days and weeks. This helps us to stay on track and have a plan going into each day. It’s not just structuring time for work, also setting aside special times for fun every day.

  • Staying physically and mentally healthy through home workouts (e.g., YouTube classes with Heather Robertson, attending a virtual Philly Dance Fitness class, Fight Camp, etc.), getting outside for daily walks, and well-being apps (e.g., Headspace, Calm, Gratitude, etc).

  • Disconnecting from work by continuing to take days off even if it just means moving from the desk to the couch, logging off when the workday is over and muting notifications until reconnecting, and incorporating lunch and other breaks into your schedule.

  • Taking in new content through watching new television series from our “must watch lists” (like The Babysitter’s Club, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Brooklyn 99), learning through TED talks, reading good books, and attending online webinars. (Did you know you can access some online classes for free from major universities?)

  • Settling into home through working on special home projects, decluttering around the house, gardening, baking, and cooking.

In addition to setting up our days, we’re looking to increase our own social awareness and learn how to be better allies for the Black Community and other underrepresented minorities. If you’re looking for more ways to educate yourself on these subjects, here’s some recommendations from our members:

And of course, as Philadelphians, we’re trying our best to support local – both in the city and out in the suburbs. Some of our favorite restaurants and shops to support during this time have been:

We are finding our daily joys in going for walks, cooking, working out, spending time with loved ones, enjoying our homes and lack of commutes, reading, writing, having game nights, watching comedies, and learning new technologies. We hope that you, too, have found ways to stay safe, continue your own personal development, and to live your best 2020 lives!


Where have you been finding joy in 2020?

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